Sunday, July 11, 2010

Purananooru - 46 to 50 (English Translation)

46. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththuth Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Oh Valavaa! You are the successor of the Sozhaa dynasty which has pure, kind heart which removes not only the suffering of the pigeon but also the sufferings of other living beings. These children belong to a noble family which fears to see the poverty of the scholars and which wishes to live by sharing. They have no fear for the elephant which is about to kill them and laugh clapping their hands. They are afraid of the big court. They are suffering from a strange fear. Is it fair to kill these children? I have told you enough. You do whatever you want. -Kovoorkkizhaar

47. A Song About Sozhan Nedungkilli

the poets will reach the patrons after traveling several long ways as the birds go in search of fruit trees. They sing so that their tongues suffer and get gift for that. They do not think to save it for themselves. They feel happy in living by giving Will they think evil to others? Certainly they won't think evil. They feel proud on defeating scholars in debates.. Longing for the gifts is their life. They have high fame and plenty of wealth like you. You know that they have the efficiency to defeat many scholars and to become the leaders. -Kovoorkkizhaar

48. A Song About Seramaan Kokkodhai Maarban

Thondi is a place having seashore parks which are smelling like honey because of the garlands worn by Kokkodhi Maarban , the garlands worn by the ladies who married him and the neidhal flowers which blossomed in the big back water. That Thondi is our town. On old man! Oh beggar speaking the truth! If you go to that Seraa king to get gifts, you tell that you have seen a poet who sang his fame on your way. -Poihaiyaar

49. A Song About Seramaan Kokkodhai maarban

Shall I call Seramaan Kokkodhai Maarban who has a long sword as one belongs to Kurinji, or one belongs to Marudham ,or one belongs to Neidhal where the cold sea which has singing waves. How can I call him? When the guards of the thinai fields of Mullai beat thattai to drive away the parrots, the birds in the paddy field where the ears are ripen and the birds in the sea which has large quantity of water fly together due to that sound. -Poihaiyaar

50. A Song About Seramaan Thahadoor Erindha Perunjcheral Irumporai

Not knowing that it is a war drum which was made out of strong tree, adorned with the feathers of peacock, sapphire garland, uzhingai flower made up of gold and which is kept safe has taken for holy bath and not knowing the cot on which small flowers are spread is the cot for the war drum , I have slept on it. But you did not kill me with your sword. It is an evidence for your greatness of knowing Thamizh. Instead of getting angry with me , you come closer to me and with your gem like beautiful shoulder, you fanned me so that cold wind touches my body. Oh victorious king! Do you do this to prove that those who have fame in this world alone have the happiness in the heaven? -Mosikeeranaar

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