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Purananooru - 321 to 330 (English Translation)

321. A Song Written By Uraiyoor Maruththuvan Dhamodharan

The rooster which has dotted feathers,kaadai birds which are brought up for fighting ran after eating the white sesame which is dried in the front yard. When the kaadai birds try to catch the rats which have the ears like the kongu flowers in the thinai field, the rats hide themselves beside the thinai plants. In the middle of the thinai field there is a tree which has fruits which are tasty to eat. Oh Paanaa! You eat those fruits and quench your hunger.

322. A Song Written By Aavoorkkizhaar

The bullocks return with tiredness after plouging the field. The kalli tree has bivetted thorns which are like the horns of the bulls. Hiding under the kalli tree the rats come to eat the remaining thinai grains after the harvest. The children who have kattapult to catch the rats will make noise. On hearing that sound, the small rabbits will run so that the mud pots roll and break. On hearing the sound which arises in the sugarcane mill, the vaalai fishes jump up. The village where the brave man who has a vel will not allow the kings to sleep who have the fertile Marudhaa land.

323. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Known

The mother deer was caught by the tiger. There is no milk for its little fawn. The old cow feeds that fawn with kindness. Our leader has the quality of giving like the mother cow who helps the fawn like Paanaas. He won''t take his sword from its cover. He will take it to kill the elephant which has mortar like feet when the war comes. This is a village where that brave man who has a vel lives.
Note: The third line of this song is incomplete.

324. A Song Written By Aalaththoorkkizhaar

The hunter's children who has fearful sight like the male cat and having the bird's flesh smelling white mouth has the friendship with one another. They are awaiting for the rats which are in the burrows below the cotton plants with their bow made up of a tree and the arrows made up of oogam grass. The goats which eat the kumizha fruit has put their dung which look like the white seeds. The hero sits below the pandhal where he shepherd has lighted a lamp converse with many Paanaas. He will be the companion of the king when the king suffers in the war and he will also suffer.

325. A Song Written By Uraiyoor Mudhukannan Saaththanaar

On the barren land where the pigs roll and make it dusty the rain fall and fill it with water. The water which is stagnant in the pits become muddy by the cow which come to craze the grass . The muddy water is filtered and drunk by the people. The braves who killed the porcupine roast the flesh of the cut monitor in the front yard. The smell of the flesh will spread in the street. The children will play under the iraththi tree in the common place. This country has such front yard ,common place and safety places. It has the capacity to receive even the king's army and relatives coming. It has the giving quality.

326. A Song Written By Thangaal Porkkollanaar (Vennaahanaar)

The forest cat which has smooth feet stay near the fence in the night. The hen will be afraid of this and crow. It will wing it feathers and arise withering the garbage. It will remove its fear on seeing the ladies who are spinning and its rooster which has comb like the mulmurungai flowers, in the light of a small lamp. The children of the hunters do not go to far off places. They go to the bank of the pond nearby and catch the monitor. The heroine will cook the flesh of the monitor and serve it along with gruel mixed with curd and other tasty foods to the Paanaas and to their relatives. Her husband has a giving quality. He will give the golden ornament worn on the forehead of the elephant when he won the war.

327. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Known

If the varahu has grown plenty,people harvest it and let the bulls to thrush it and separate the grains. As the varahu which is grown here is small in quantity the youths separate the grains by their feet. The lenders have taken their part. The remaining is eaten by the Paanaas. To quench the hunger of the relatives who came to him,our leader will go to the rich men, explain his condition and will barrow varahu rice. When the kings come to fight, he has the power of winning them.

328. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Known

In the Mullai villages paddy will not grow. Only varahu and thinai grow there. The varahu and thinai rice ran out by giving to those who come with hunger. Oh Paanaa! Our leader will give curd, thodarei fruit,sour toddy, mutton pieces which were well cooked and the ghee mixed rice to eat. After you have eaten them , he will give you gifts in the front yard of the house sitting under the shadow of the thaalai tree where the rabbits eat the small mullai creepers. If you go to him , he will give you food and gifts.
Note: Lines 1,5,7,8,9,12,& 13 of this song are incomplete.

329. A Song Written By Madhurai Aruvai Vaanihan Ilavettanaar

It is a small village. There are small houses. In those houses, there are toddy filled pots. In the morning the people of the village wash the 'nadukals', give offerings and light the lamps with ghee. The smoke of the lamps spreads sweet smell in the streets. It spreads like the clouds. It is a safe place where enemies fear to come. It is like a burrow where the snakes with lines live. There lives a leader who gives to the people who come with hunger without saying “No”.

330. A Song Written By Madhurai Kanakkaayanaar

When the front portion of his king's army is destroyed, he will draw his sword and prevent the advancing enemy army. He is like the shore to the sea. Though he has a little wealth , he will give to those who come singing about him.

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