Saturday, September 24, 2011

Purananooru - 111 to 120 (English Translation)

111. A Song About Vel Paari

This big, black Parambu of Paari is pitiable. It cannot be conquered by those who fought with vel. But for the Virali who has kuvalai flowers like eyes, it is easy to get Parambu as she comes singing to get a gift. -Kapilar

112. A Song About Vel Paari

On that day when the three kings were surrounded Parambu, we were with our father in the light of the full moon happily. This Parambu was also ours. But today in the light of the white moon, we are suffering without our father as the enemies have captured our hill. -Paari's daughters

113. A Song About Vel Paari

Oh Parambu ! Once you were fertile, giving arrack, food with goat's flesh and gifts. But now, as Paari has died , his daughters who have worn bangles on their arms are going with tears in search of husbands, who rub their fragrant hair. We are leaving you. Let your praise be long live. -Kapilar

114. A Song About Vel Paari

Parambu is visible to those who stand here . It will be visible to those who stand in a little far off distance. Paari's Parambu hill has a front yard where the honey from the honey comb which is crushed like the food by the elephant runs and has places where the chariots will stand. -Kapilar

115. A Song About Vel Paari

The water falls will be flowing in one side.The honey drops which were scattered when poured into the eating vessels of the Paanaas will flow and roll down small stones. It is the hill of Paari who is the enemy of the kings who have vels and elephant army. But today it has lost all its greatness. -Kapilar

116. A Song About Vel Paari

The daughters of Paari are wearing the dresses made up of kuvalai flowers on their waist. They have very beautiful cold eyes and smile. They are in the front yard of their small house where the grass is spread. There is a fence made up of thorns. On the garbage heap, the ribbed gourd and bottle gourds are spread. The daughters of Paari stand on the garbage heap and count the salt loaded carts of the salt merchants. But once they were in the parks where the peacocks were dancing. There the fruits were spread everywhere by the monkeys while they sprang. Not only in the season, there were fruits ever. The hill had new yield. The daughters of Paari were standing on the hill and counting the horses of the enemies who did not know the fame and strength of Paari. But today , they are standing on the garbage heap and counting the salt loaded carts. On seeing this my mind suffers. Eventhough seeing this cruelty, I am living. Let my living days perish. -Kapilar

117. A Snog About Vel Paari

Though the black Saturn appears with smoke, darkness spreads in all directions, Venus moves towards south, the fields are yielding rich, flowers blossom on the bushes, the mother cows craze the grass stomachful as there is righteous rule. There are so many scholars, the rain never fails, the buds of mullai are like the teeth of the young cat. The father of these girls who have worn beautiful bangles is Paari. This Parambunaadu belongs to Paari. But now it has lost all its fertility and has become a barren land. -Kapilar

118. A Song About Vel Paari

The pond which has rocks and hills on both sides and has a bank which looks like the eighth day crescent moon has become ruined as there is none to care for it. Alas ! Like that pond, the beautiful Parambunaadu has perished after the death of Paari who had sharp vel and broad shoulders and who gave chariot to the mullai creeper. -Kapilar

119. A Song About Vel Paari

It is a rainy season morning. It has just rained. The flowers of theruzh blossom like the dots on the black face of the elephant. The tamarind sauce is prepared with termites and butter milk. It has the new income of the thinai. Parambu was like a shadow giving tree in a way there is no shadow. Paari gave gifts to those who came saying that they had nothing. He gave more than other kings. Alas !! His Parambu has ruined now. -Kapilar

120. A Song about Vel Paari

It is a red soil land where there are a lot of vengai trees. The rain has stopped. The wet land is ploughed and seeds are sowed. The weeds are removed. The ears of varahu and thinai plants are harvested. The seeds of sesame and beans are plucked. The arrack that was kept under the earth is served to the people who are in the grass thatched huts. The wives serve the peanut roasted with ghee and cooked rice in big plates. The Parambu hill is very fertile. The daughters of Paari hear the sound of the chappals of the enemies who run back. Paari does not like to follow them driving. He has boundless fame. In Parambu hill, the bamboo trees are waving in the wind. As Paari is not alive now, his country has lost its fertility and has become ruined. -Kapilar

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