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Purananooru - 121 to 135 (English Translation)

121. A Song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

Trusting one who gives all, many will come from all the four directions. To give them is easy. But giving according to their standard is very hard. So , oh king having the fame of giving ! Avoid thinking all alike if you wish to give according to their standard. -Kapilar

122. A Song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

Oh Kaari wearing brave kazhals ! Your country cannot be destroyed by the sea. It cannot be captured by your enemies. It is the possession of the Andhanaas who light the velvi fire. The tributes which were given by the three kings are used for giving those who sing about you. It is your aim to give all except your wife who has chastity like Arundhadhi, sweet words and soft shoulders. Oh what a greatness you have! -Kapillar

123. A song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

It is easy for any one to give chariots as gifts to others when sitting happily in the court yard with drunkenness. But Thirumudikkaari , who has imperishable fame will give decorated chariots to other even if he is not in a drunkenness state. The chariots given by him are more than the rain drops which rain on the Mulloor hill. -Kapilar

124. A Song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

Though the day is not good, though the birds show bad omen,though you go in a time which is not suitable, though you praise him with meaningless words, Thirumudikkaari who belongs to Mulloor hill where the water falls are sounding continuously will give to those who sing abot him. They won't return with empty hands. -Kapilar

125. A Song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

Oh lord ! We drink toddy and eat flesh which has the softness of cotton and the colour of the fire. You have destroyed the strength of the enemies. Like the bull which got tiredness on ploughing eats the straw, the arrack that you drink after giving to others help you like the amudham.The warriors who conquered the elephants which are like the moving mountains will praise you for the victory. The defeated will say if it is not Thirumudikkaari who opposed us, we should have won easily. You are the one who has greatness of being praised by your friends and enemies like god Murugan. -Vadama Vannakkan Perunjchaaththanaar

126. A Song About Malaiyamaan Thirumudikkaari

Oh king you are the successor of a great family. You melt the ornaments on the foreheads of the enemies' elephants, make them as golden lotus and adorn the Paanaas' heads who come singing about you. We are not able to sing your fame. Oh king of the Mulloor hill ! You have dark forests which look like the sleeping night and singing water falls. We have come to sing about you. Let your family and dynasty get greatness. Kapilar who has sung your fame so much so that there is nothing to sing about you. Can we sing new about you ? When Seran's vessel sails on the western sea, can the vessels of others go there ? Like that after kapilar's song we cannot sing. We have come to sing about you in order to drive away our poverty. Oh king ! You are the lord of the country which is on the bank of the Pennai river. You are killing the enemies' elephant army with your elephant army which goes with the sound of the murasu which sounds like thunder which frightens the cobras. You give us gifts hearing our songs too. -Maarokkaththu Nappasalaiyaar

127. A Song About Vel Aai Andiran

Oh king ! As you have given all the elephants to the Paanaas who came with yaazh singing sweet songs, the elephant shed is empty and now there are peacocks. Your palace is now without beauty as it has no jewels to give to the singers except the mangala thread of your wife. The palaces ,where the kings eat tasty food without giving it to others, are not equal to aai's palace. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

128. A Song About Vel Aai andiran

There is a jack tree in the centre of the town. There was a monkey on a big branch of it. It tapped the muzhavu of the Paanaas which was hung on the tree thinking it as a jack fruit. When it tapped the muzhavu ,it sounded. On hearing the sound, the annams flew away with fear. Aai's hill has such a fertility. The Virali who has worn bangles can reach the Podhihai hill which has a lot of rain. But the enemies cannot reach it at any cost. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

129. A Song About Ve Aai Andiran

The Kuravaas who live in the caves drink the honey stored in the bamboo tubes and dance kuravai dance under the shadow of the vengai tree. Aai who belongs to this hill which has vengai trees and jack trees , is strong in war. He has the desire to give to those who come singing about him. The elephants that were given to the Paanaas do not equal to the stars which are in the sky which has no black clouds. They are more in number than the stars. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

130. A Song About Vel Aai Andiran

Oh Aai wearing shining ornaments ! Do the female elephants in your country give birth to ten calves in one delivery ? You gave elephants to those who came singing about you and your hill with smiling face. Oh Aai ! If we count the number of elephants given by you , they will be more than the number of vels left by the Kongers when you drove them in the western seashore. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

131.A Song About vel Aai Andiran

Will these forests have praised the hill of Aai on which the rainy clouds settle ? Aai has worn the kanni made up of vazhai flowers and has a brave sword. Will the fertile forest which has plenty of fruits and vegetables have got these elephants as gifts for singing about him ? -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

132. A Song About Vel Aai Andiran

I should have think about you first when I wish to get gifts. But I remember you later and come to you. Let my heart which forgot to think about you first perish. Let my tongue which did not sing about you crack. Let my ears shut like the well in the ruined village. The Himalayas, where the kavari eats narandham grass , drinks water from the pond where there are kuvalai flowers and will be under the shadow of the thahara tree with its mate happily, is in the north. Aay's dynasty is in the south. If these two are not present the world should have gone upside down. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

133. A Song About Vel Aai Andiran

Oh lady with soft nature ! You should have heard the good qualities of Aai but you should not have seen him. If you wish to see him go with your sweet smelling hair which moves in the wind , like the dancing peacock. If you go like that you can see Aai who will give you like the rainy cloud. So you go to see him. -Uraiyoor Eanychcheri Mudamosiyaar

134. A Song About Vel Aai Andiran

Aai is not a business man who thinks that if we do good deeds in this birth, it will help in the next birth. He patronized because it was the living way of the scholars and great people. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

135. A song About Vel Aai Andiran

It is a high hill where tigers live. In the hilly way which cannot be climbed up easily, I came with a small yaazh, followed by the slow walking Paadini , Thinking about your fame. Oh Aai ! You will give elephants with their calves to those who come to your country. I don't want elephants. I don't want chariots. You consider those who come to get gifts as your relatives, even if they possess your wealth. Let your living days increase like your broad mind. I have come here to see you. Oh king ! You have conquered the enemies. You have a hill which is praised by many. Seeing you itself is a gift to me. -Uraiyoor Eanichcheri Mudamosiyaar

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