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Purananooru - 151 to 170 (English Translation)

151. A Song About Ilavichikko

Kandeerakkopperu Nalli belongs to a family in which the wife will give young elephants to those who come singing when her husband has gone to a far off place. I embrace Ilamkandeerakkopperu Nalli. You are the successor of Nannan who has a golden chariot. You have also the right to be embraced . But now your family has the blame of shutting the door to those who come singing your fame. So poets like me do not sing about your hill . -Perunthalaichchaaththanaar

152. A Song About Valvil Ori

The arrow that killed the elephant, pierced through the big mouth of the tiger which was about to kill the elephant, killed the deer which passed across, killed the hog and stood still in the body of a monitor which was in a deep burrow. Who will he be who sends the arrow like this ? He is not a hunder. He seems to be a rich man. Will he be the lord of the Kolli hill ? He has applied sandal on his broad chest. Whoever he may be. Let us sing about him. Oh Virali ! Get ready with various musical instruments. Saying this I sang the twenty one kinds of songs and called him , “ Oh king ! “ H knew that it was told about him. He blushed. I told him that we were going country after country , but we did not see such a bow warrior. On hearing this he did not allow me to speak. He gave us the flesh of the deer and arrac k. He gave gold and precious stones . He was none other rhan Ori who gave without saying “ No “. -Vanparanar

153. A Song About Valvil Ori

Ori was the lord of the hill which had the rain as an ornament. He gave elephants wearing ornaments as gifts to those who come begging every day. He had worn shining golden ornaments . He had bracelets on his arms. He would give like the rainy cloud. On knowing this our Paanaas went to see him. They had got the golden kuvalai garlands, golden ornaments and elephants as gifts. They have no hunger now. So they forget to dance and sing. -Vanparanar

154. A Song About Kongkaanakkizhaar

It is the nature of the people to ask is there any drinking water to quench the thirst even when they are near the waving sea as it has only salty water. Poets will go to the patrons instead of going to the rich kings. I come not considering the quantity, but considering your good quality. You never run back while fighting with your enemies. It is hard to ask gifts. Even if you give gifts or not , it is easy and natural to sing about your Kongkaananaadu which has many , cold water falls. -Mosi Keeranaar

155. A Song About Kongkaanakkizhaar

Oh Paanaa ! You have tied up the yaazh at your thin waist and you are asking who is there to remove your poverty. Listen to me. The nerunji flower which has the colour of gold will blossom seeing the face of the sun. Like that the eating vessels of the poets are stretched towards the chest of Kongkaanakkizhaar. - Mosi Keeranaar

156. A Song about Kongkaanakkizhaar

Other hills are good in one aspect. But the forest and hills of Kongkaanam are good in two aspects. Having the duty of giving to those who come for gifts, it is one good aspect. The defeated kings stand in a queue to give the tribute. It is the second good aspectof Kongkaanam. -Mosi Keeranaar

157. A Song About Earaikkon

Bearing the mistakes of the relatives , feeling shame on seeing poverty, helping them, being strong in the battle field so that others cannot blame and being with fame in the court yard where there are many kings are not present in other kings . These good qualities are present only in Earaikkon who has broad chest, killing vel and kaandhal garlands. In his hill when the sun sets, the young female deer calls its gathering . When it calls, the tiger in the cave hears its voice. -Ilaveyini

158. A Song About Kumanavallal

After the death of the seven patrons, you are the only person who helps the poor. So I have come to you to get gifts. Your Mudhiramalai has bamboo, vazhai and jack trees. The male monkey which plucked the jack fruit calls its female monkey which wishes to eat it. Oh lord of the Mudhiramalai which has new income ! Let your fame increase and you live long. -Perunjchiththiranaar

159. A Song About Kumanavallal

My mother laments that she has lived several years and uses the walking stick as a leg. She has grey hair and her eye sight is poor. She is so old that she cannot come to the front yard. My wife is not capable of feeding the children who lay beside her. She cooks the tender leaves of the greens without adding salt. She lives eating these green leaves as food. Oh Kumanna ! You have a fertile land where ivanam grows. You gave gifts like the rain so that we could quench our hunger. You should know that both the giver and receiver should be happy. Though the big elephant was the gift, I won't accept it if it was given without pleasure. Though it was small like a kundri I would accept it happily. So you give the gift with pleasure. I will sing for your long life. -Perunjchiththiranaar

160. A Song About Kumanavallal

The rays of the sun bring the sea water and pour it so that the dried grass and the forest get life. Like that you have given us food so that the hungry stomach is filled. There are small golden vessels around the eating vessels like the stars around the moon. You said, “ Oh Paanaas ! Eat this. You will not have any misery here after. “. You have given golden jewels. The poets who know your fame told me if you go to him , he will give you a lot. So I have come here. There is no food in our house. My children open the food vessels which are empty as there is no milk in their mother's breasts. When they weep my wife frightens them saying that the tiger is coming. She shows the moon to make them happy. But all her efforts will go waste. You give me much wealth so that my wife feels happy. You send me quickly. I will bless your fame and name be stable as long as the earth is here. -Perunjchiththiranaar

161. A Song About Kumanavallal

The clouds which take the water from the sea pour it as rain whereever it is needed. This rain water becomes ice in the Himalayas. In the summer where there is no rain, the ice in the Himalayas melts and runs as the Ganga river. You are the leader of the people like us. I have come through the forest way where there are robbers and deers. Let my poverty perish today itself. I want to leave from you on an elephant so that my wife wonders. Driven by my poverty I came before you and sang about your giving quality. Listen to it. You are capable of knowing my ability. You help me according to your highness. The kings should feel shame on seeing my gifts. I should leave you with such gifts. We wish your chest which is applied with sandal and is embraced by your ladies with kindness. Let the people who live under the shadow of your feet get gold and wealth. Let your fame increase more. -Perunjchiththiranaar

162. A Song About Ilavelimaan

You are not the person who does not give to those who come for getting gifts. There are persons who help the poor. To make you understand that there are persons who help the poor, I am tying up the elephant which is got as a gift at your guarding tree and leaving. -Perunjchiththiranaar

163. A Song About Kumanavallal

Oh my kind wife ! You give to those who come eagerly to whom you like, to your relatives and those who help when we were in poverty. You need not save it thinking that it will help in future. You give these gifts to all. Like Kumanan who gave these to us , let us give them to others. -Perunjchiththiranaar

164. A Song About Kumanavallal

As there was no cooking for a long time in the kitchen, there was fungi in the oven. As there was no food my wife's breast had no milk and my children were weeping. On seeing the sorrow of my wife I came to you thinking that you were the right person. Oh Kumanan ! I won't leave you without getting the gifts. Oh Kumanan ! You remove the hunger of the Koothers . You remove my poverty too. -Perunththalaichchaaththanaar

165. A Song About Kumanavallal

Those who liked to establish their fame, left their life too for that. Those who do not give their wealth, do not know the noble way. Oh Kumanan ! You are giving elephants to the poets. Ooh Ilangkumanaa ! As Kumanan had nothing to give to me, he gave his sword and asked me to cut down his head, give to you and get the gift from you. I have come here after seeing your brother Kumanan in the forest. -Perunththalaichchaaththanaar

166. A Song About Poonjchattroor Kavuniyan Vnnanththaayan

Oh king ! You have born in a great family . To minimize the number of people who are against the aadhi veda which has four parts and six kinds , you have done twenty one velvies to avoid the lies which resemble truth. The leather of the deer is on your shoulder for doing the velvies. Your wives who have chastity do their duties according to your orders. We wish to see this scene after you have done so many velvies by pouring the ghee of the seven kinds of cows as water. The rainy clouds thunder on the Kudahu hill which is in the west. The new flood which comes with sweet smell will save the world. I leave you to eat, sing and dance in Aavoor Moolam. Like the fertile Himalayas you long live Vinnththaaya! -Aavoor M oolangkizhaar

167. A Song About Eanaadhi Thirukkilli

You will stand against your enemies bravely. You have so many scars on your body. Your fame is sweet to hear. Your appearance is not nice. As your enemies run away from the battle field on seeing you, there is no wound on their bodies. Their cowardice is not sweet to hear. They are good looking. You both are good in one and not sweet in another. What else is the difference between you ? But the people wonder at you. I don't know the reason for this. Oh king ! Tell me the reason. -Konattu Erichchaloor Madalan Madhurai Kumaranaar

168. A Song About Pittangkottran

The hogs will eat the kaandhal roots with their gathering. In the pits dig by the hogs we sow thinai. When the thinai is harvested , it is cooked with the cow's milk, burning sandal woods as fire wood. It is served on the banana leaves and ate with many. Oh lord of the Kudhirai hill ! Let your fame increase so that the kings who do not give to others feel shame. -Karuvoor Kadhappillai

169. A Song About Pittangkottran

You stand against the weapons thrown by your enemies. You oppose your enemies like a hill across the river. It has become impossible to see and speak to you. The hunger of our gathering cannot be revealed. Luckily I have seen you today. So give the gift today itself and make me go today itself. You live with a lot of victories. -Kaavirippoompattinaththu Kaarikkannanaar

170. A Song About Pittangkottran

The forest cows eat the gooseberry and left the seeds in the front yard. They look like small stones. There are hunters who eat the things got by hunting. The Pulaiyan plays the drum. .Its sound echoes with the screeching sound of the owl in the cave where there is a tiger. Pittan is the lord of this place. Oh enemies ! You don't come near him. He will give the tusks to the Viraliyar and arrack to the Paanaas. Though he is kind to the Koothers, he is hard as the forge in the blacksmiths work place. -Uraiyoor Maruththuvan Dhaamodharan

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