Friday, October 21, 2011

Purananooru - 191 to 200 (English Translation)

191. A Song Written By Pisir Aandhaiyaar

If you ask me the reason for my hair not getting grey at this old age, I will tell. My wife and children are wise. My servants work according to my wish. The ruler of our country does not think harm to others. He saves the people with kindness. Apart from all these there are so many scholars with noble qualities in our village.

192. A Song Written By Kaniyan Poongkundran

All are our villages. All are our relatives. The evil and good do not come to us by others. Suffering and getting rid of the sorrow etc are like this. Death is not new to this world.. We do not fee joy , thinking that life is a pleasure. We do not think it sorrowful because of hatred. We know from scholars that the life goes according to the fate like the boat which goes along the water when the flood comes from the mountain due to the rain. So we do not wonder on seeing nobles and we do not blame the means.

193. A Song Written By Oreruzhavar

In the barren land which is like the leather spread up side down, the deer which is driven by a hunter runs here and there to escape. It may escape too. But I who live in the family cannot escape like that. Even if I try to escape, my relatives will be hurdles to me.

194. A Song Written By Pakkudukkai Nankaniyaar

In one house there sounds the drum of death. In another house there sounds the sweet mangala muzhavu. Those who join , feel happy by wearing garlands. Those who are away from their partners feel sad. The reason for this two different conditions is the mercilessness of the creator. This cruel world is a blend of pleasure and sorrow. Those who know this truth will try to understand which is the real pleasure.

195. A song Written By Nariverooththalaiyaar

Oh scholars having many qualities ! Oh scholars having many qualities ! You have gray hair like the spines of the fish. You have shrink cheek due to aging. You will lament when Yamaa who has sharp mazhu ties up your life and takes it. So if you cannot do good to others, avoid doing evil to others. It is the quality liked by all and it will be the righteous path which will lead us to heaven.

196. A Song About Paandiyan Ilavandhigaipalli Thunjchiya Nanmaaran

The symbols for good friendship are giving things that can be given and saying “ No “ if it is not possible. Saying that I will give when it is not possible and refusing to give when there are t -hings to give wil make them feel sad those who come to get. These are the closing stones of fame. You have done this today. I don't see this before. It is a new experience. It does not a matter. Let you and your children live without diseases. I won't get angry with you like the hot sun. I will not die due to hunger. I am leaving to my house where there is poverty. I am going to my house thinking my wife who has blush and chastity as her ornaments. You long live well. -Aavoor Moolangkizhaar

197. A Song About Sozhan Kuraappalli Thunjchiya Perunth Thirumaavalavan

We won't respect and praise the kings for their wealth who have four kinds of armies. We respect only those who respect us even though they are the kings of small lands. We eat the greens with varahu rice. Though we are in sorrow, we won't accept the wealth of those who do not have kindness and mercy. We will consider the poverty of the wise as great thing. -Konattu Erichchaloor Maadalan Madhurai Kumaranaar

198. A Song About Paandiyan Ilavandhigaippalli thunjchiya Nanmaaran

Oh king having chest wearing garlands ! Let your children who have worn kinkini live long. We also praise you and think you even in our dreams. We see your wealth which is like the wealth of Thirumaal with pleasure. We leave you now. Let your fame live long. Your children also have the quality of seizing the wealth of the enemies. Let their life increase more than the sea water, seashore sand and rain drops. You with your children and with the children of your children long live. I will be a lark longing for the rain drops and will be thinking about you ever. Your good deed is not be forget. -Vadama Vannakkan Perisaaththanaar

199. A Song Written By Perum Padhumanaar

The sounding birds will go to the same fruit tree not thinking that we ate the fruits of this banyan tree much where the god lived yesterday. They won't go in search of another tree. The beggars who come for gifts are also like these birds. It is the duty of the rich to give the wealth to the poor. Poverty is the wealth of the poor. Removing the poverty of the poor is the wealth of the rich.

200. A Song About Kallaha Verppan Vichchikko

The male monkey will eat the jack fruit with its female monkey. The peaks of the mountains are up to the sky. There are bamboo forests. Oh king ! The tip of your vel will look like fire due to the blood stained flesh. Oh Vichchikko having beautiful ornaments ! The girls with me are the daughters of Paari who gave his chariot to the mullai creeper even it did not ask for it. I am an Andhanan who come for gift. You have the fame of winning your enemies. Kindly accept this gift .( The daughters of Paari ). You have the strength to conquer your enemies. You have a fertile land. -Kapilar

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