Friday, December 30, 2011

Purananooru - 201 to 210 (English Translation)

201. A Song About Irungovel

If you ask who are they who have come with me, they are the daughters of Paari who gave all the villages that he owned to the beggars, gave his chariot to the mullai creeper and he was the king of Parambu. I was his friend. These girls are like my daughters. I am an andhanan who sing and get gifts. You are the successor Of the Velir dynasty which has ruled Thuvaraapuri for the past forty nine generations. Oh Irungovel ! Oh leader of the braves ! You have the quality of helping the Paanaas. I wish to give these girls to you whom I have brought here. You kindly accept them. Oh king having victorious vel ! Oh owner of the fertile land ! Accept them. -Kapilar

202. A Song About Irungovel

In the forest where the vetchi creepers are spread , the bison which was driven by the hunters ran. Oh Pulikadimaal ! Understand the bad effect met by one of your ancestors who dishonoured Kazhaaththalaiyaar. Oh leader having a decorated chariot ! You pardon me for saying that the bdaugters of Paari belong to a high family.. I am leaving you who is the successor of a dynasty which lost its wealth due to the dishonour done to a poet. Oh king having the appearance of a tiger ! You long live. -Kapilar

203. A Song About Seramaan Paamuloor Erindha Sozhan Neidhalangkaanal Ilanjchetchchenni

There will be no life if the rain thinks that I won't rain as I have already rained and if the land thinks that I won't yield as I have already yielded. So it is not right to say that I won't give as I have given to you already. Oh lord having a beautiful chariot ! Listen. Those who refuse to give will loose the blessings and fame. You consider helping the Paanaas before conquering the forts of the enemies. Oh patron ! Give and save those who come saying “ No “. -Oonpodhi Pasungkudaiyaar

204. A Song About Valvil Ori

It is shame to ask others to give something. To saying “ No “ to those who come begging is more shameful. To give something to others is great,. To refuse to take which is given is greater than that. Those who are in thirst do not drink the sea water though it is clear and more in quantity. But they go in search of the pond which has some muddy water left after drunk by cows and other animals. The ways towards that pond are many. When they do not get gifts , the beggars won't blame the patrons ,but they blame the birds' omen and the bad time. So I also won't blame you. Oh Ori ! You live long. You have the patronage like the rain. -Kazhaithinyaanaiyaar

205. A song About Neduvettan

We won't accept the gift given without respecting us even it is given by the three kings who have the wealth and fame. You are the refuge to those who surrender to you. You destroy the strength of those who oppose you. Oh king having hand with a strong bow which frightens the deer ! You long live without diseases. The cloud which comes to the sea won't return without water. Like that those who come to you will not return without getting elephants and chariots as gifts. -Perundhthalaichchaaththanaar

206. A Song About Adhiyamaan Nedumaan Anji

Oh gate keeper ! Oh gate keeper ! You are the gate keeper of a gate which is never closed to those who come for getting gifts. Won't Nedumaan Anji know his status ? Won't he know my standard ? The world hsa not become poor even all those who have knowledge and fame have died. So we are taking our musical instruments and leaving. If the son of the carpenter goes to the forest , he will get trees for making articles. Like that we will get rice if we go in any direction. -Awvaiyaar

207. A Song About Ilavelimaan

Oh heart ! Stand up. We will go to some other place . Will anybody accept the gifts given without kindness ? The patrons who give gifts are many in the world. Beggars like us also many. Oh king having the strength of the aali ! Persons like me don't wish to get gifts given by those who have no kindness. They are like the fruits which are not rip. Let us go to those who are awaiting for the beggars to give gifts. -Perunjchiththiranaar

208. A Song About Adhiyamaan Nedumaan Anji

I came across many hills to get gifts. He did not receive me and give gifts with kindness. He did not see me ,but gave me gifts and asked me to go. How did he know my scholarship ? I am not a business man to accept this gift which was not given after knowing my scholarship. Though the gift is small , it will be big if it is given after knowing the standard. -Perunjchiththiranaar

209. A Song About Moovan

The naarais which swam in the pond with joy sleep on the hay heap. There are farmers who are harvesting. They sing and dance happily drinking the honey. You are the lord of this country. Like the birds which came in search of fruits return in vain am I to go without gift? Oh Moovan ! Though you don't give me I won't feel sad. Let you be well without any disease. Let the truth , that you don't give and I don't get , be with us. Let your pleasant life be sweet. -Perundhthalaichchaaththanaar

210. A Song About Seramaan Kudakkochcheral Irumporai

Poets like me won't born on this world if people like you hate us. My wife who has chastity will lament saying even the Yamaa has not taken her life. I leave you to remove her sorrow. Oh king ! You see that I am leaving with empty hand letting my poverty go before me. -Perungkundroork Kizhaar

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