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Purananooru - 241 to 250 (English Translation)

241. A Song About Aai Andiran

When Aai Andiran, who gave strong chariots to Paanaas and had golden garlands on his chest goes to the palace of Indhiraa who had worn shining diamond bracelets and had vachraayudhaa, there sounded the drums. The sound of the drums echoed in the heaven. -Eanicheri Mudamosiyaar

242. A Song About Ollaiyoor Kizhan Mahan Perunjchaaththan

Youth will not wear. Ladies won't pluck. The Paanaa will not pluck the flower with the help of the yaazh and will not wear. The Paadini will not wear. After the death of Valvel Saaththan, who had defeated his enemies , oh mullai ! Why did you blossom in Ollaiyoor ? -Kudavaayil Keeraththanaar

243. A Song Written By Thodiththalai Vizhuththandinaar

My condition is pitiable now. Once we made toys with sand, wore flowers to them and played with girls who bathed in the cold water. With innocent youths we climbed up the bent branches of the marudhaa tree which was near the pond and jumped into the water so that there arose a sound and the persons on the bank wondered, went down to the bottom, brought sand in the hand and showed it to the persons on the bank. It is an innocent period. Where did the period go ? To the old people who use walking sticks, cough, speak a few words ,getting the youth period again is impossible.

244. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Known

The beetles do not sound on the heads of the Paanaas as they do not wear any flower. The bangles do not adorn the hands of the Viraliyar ......
(This song is incomplete )

245. A Song Written By Seramaan Kottambalaththu Thunjchiya Maakkodhai

What a big sorrow ! I got a very big sorrow. Even though I did not die. In the burial ground , I burnt my life partner who was in my heart. I am living after burning her. What a life is it ?

246. A Song Written By Poodhappaandiyan Dhevi Perungkoppendu

Oh scholars ! Oh scholars ! Instead of saying to die with my husband , you are restricting me from dying with him. We are not the widows who eat the rice which is like the seeds of the cucumber with sesame chutney and velai greens and who sleep on the stones without any mat. The bed made up of logs in the funeral ground may make you sad . But for us those who lost our husbands , the lotus ponds and the funeral bed are the same.

247. A Song Written By Madhurai Peraalavaayanaar

The flock of deer sleep in the light of the fire lighted by the hunters. Monkeys also sleep. The sound of the drum will disturb their sleep. Perungkoppendu cannot bear a short period of separation of her husband. Now her husband's body is burning in the funeral ground . On seeing it her hair lies untied ans she will die due to the sorrow.

248. A Song Written By Okkoor Maasaaththiyaar

The small white lily is pitiable. You helped me to increase my beauty when I was young. Now as my kind husband has died , you are useful to me for eating. Oh lily ! You are also pitiable.

249. A song Written By Tumbaichchohinanaar

The aaral fishes hide in the mud. The vaalai fishes jump over the water. Fire like shining flowers are rich in the pond. The varaal fishes have eggs like the tender palm leaves. There are kayal fishes having vel like eyes. When he was alive, he had feasts with many. Today he is not alive. His wife who has chastity and kindness is washing the floor with tear mixed dung. What a pity it is !

250. A Song Written By Thaayangkanniyaar

The front yards of those who have the quality of giving to others prevent the beggars from going to others. The village has fertility. Now it has lost its beauty like a widow. The appearance of the village is like the appearance of the children after their father's death.

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