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Purananooru - 221 to 230 (English Translation)

221. A Song written By Poththiyaar

Kopperunjchozhan had the great fame of giving to those who came singing. He had a kind heart which gave the gifts to the Kooththars. He had ruled righteously so that the scholars praised him. He had friendship with scholars. He had a soft nature towards ladies, but he was strong to those who were strong. He was the refuge to the scholars. The Yamaa did not think all these and had separated him from us. Come. Let us fight with Yamaa. Our king has become a “ Nadukal “ . Oh poets ! Praise his fame.

222. A Song Written By Poththiyaar

Oh king having shining ornaments ! You have sent me saying that I should come after the delivery of my wife. Now my wife has given birth to a son. I have come in search of you. I am not a person without kindness. I have come to take part in “ Vadakkiruththal “. Oh king who like fame ! Which is my place ? Will you say it.

223. A Song Written By Poththiyaar

Oh king ! You were like a shadow to many, you gave, you showed your kindness and you were with great fame. Even after your death ,being a “ Nadukal “ you have showed me the place for “ Vadakkiruththal “. I have got the benefit of close friendship.

224. A Song About Karikaal Peruvalaththaan

The king had fought many wars , drank arrack with friends, saved the relatives of the Paanaas, done many velvies according to the saaththiraas and died The world which has lost him is pitiable. When there is a famine, the shepherds cut down the leaves and flowers of the vengai trees for their cattle
Then the trees will lost their beauty. Like the vengai trees, the ladies of Karikaalan have removed their jewels. -Karungkula Aadhanaar

225. A Song About Sozhan Nalangkilli

The warriors in the front portion of Nalangkilli's army will eat nungu. The warriors in the middle portion of the army will eat the fruit of the palm tree. The warriors in the last portion of the army will eat the roots ( tubers) of the palm tree. ( It means that Nalangkilli's army is very big.) Now his rule , braveness and victories have ruined. His land has kalli and it has become barren and thorny forest. When he was alive the enemies' sanhus hang like the nests of the thookkanaangkuruvi ( tailor bird ) are now sounding as the awakeing instruments. On hearing that my heart laments. -Aalandhoorkkizhaar

226. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththu Thunjchiya Killivalavan

The Yamaa could not have killed Killi by fighting with angry. Killivalavan's braveness will become Yamaa to Yamaa himself. So Yamaa should have come to Killi like a Paanaa. He should have begged him and then should have taken his life. Otherwise he could not have conquered Killi who has won many battles and has strong chariot. -Maarokkaththu Nappasalaiyaar

227. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththu Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Oh merciless Yamaa ! You are a fool. You have eaten the seed which is for sowing. You will understand the truth later. You have killed Killivalavan who had given you many lives as food . Who will give you food for your hunger here after ? -Aadudhurai Maasaaththanaar

228. A Song About Sozhan Kulamuttraththu Thunjchiya Killivalavan

Oh Velko who is making a mud pot ! Oh Velko who is making a mud pot ! I feel pity for you. Killivalavan who has ruled like the sun has gone to heaven. Can you make a vessel to cover his body ? If you wish, you have to use the world as a wheel, the Himalaya as soil . Then only you can make a vessel. Is it possible for you ? -Iyoor Mudavan

229. A Song About Kochcheramaan Yaanaikkatchchei Maandharanjcheral Irumporai

When a star fall down from the sky , we wish the king should live without any disease. The seventh day came. On that day the king's elephant died. The drum fell down torn. The venkottrakkudai fell down. The horses fell down without action. The king went to the heaven. He forgot us like forgetting his ladies. -Koodaloor Kizhaar

230. A Song about Adhiyamaan Ezhini

Adhiyamaan who had ruled righteous rule so that the people lived without the fear of the enemies died in the battle field. In his rule the cattle in the forest were fearless. The travelers were able to take rest in the places where they wished. The heaps of paddy were kept without guarding. On his death the people were like the children who lost their mother. Oh Yamaa. ! You are a fool like the foolish farmer who eats the seed for sowing, not thinking about the yield. You have killed Ezhini like that foolish farmer . If you have not killed him , you should have many feasts . You have missed the chance. -Arisil Kizhaar

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