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Purananooru - 251 to 260 (English Translation)

251. A Song Written By Maarippiththiyaar

We have seen ladies , who are like the kollippaavai, are in love with him. But today he who has such a handsome appearance , bathes in the water falls. He lights velvi fire in the logs brought by the elephant and dries his hair.

252. A Song Written By Maarippiththiyaar

Once he attracted peacocks like beautiful ladies like a hunter catching peacocks with nets.. Now he has hair without oil which has lost its black colour and looks like the thillai creeper as he bathes daily in the water falls. He is plucking the tender leaves of the thaali creeper.

253. A Song Written By Kulampandhaayanaar

You don't worry thinking about me. The young soldiers with kanni are still fighting , but you are lying dead alone. You tell me how can I convey the death news ? I am crying raising my hands ,which have no bangles , up like the young bamboo has lost its barks.

254. A Song Written By Kayamanaar

The young and old who have come to fight , have returned. You are lying dead. If I am crying beating my chest with hands without bangles, say this to the relatives . They will say this to your mother. Your mother always praises saying that my son will be my support who has wealth and fertility like a banyan tree which gives shelter to many birds. What will be her condition on hearing about your death? Alas ! Her misery cannot be measured. She cannot be consoled.

255. A Song Written By Vanparanar

My heart wishes to cry louder as you are dead. But I fear if I do so , the tiger will come and take your body. I am not strong enough to take your body from here. Let Yamaa who made me lament also lament. If you hold my hands and stand up , we can reach the shadow near the hill side.

256. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Seen

Oh man who is making mud pot ! The wheel of the cart goes round the axle. Like that , I followed my husband in the long life travel. Be kind enough to make such a big vessel which is capable of placing two bodies in. I wish I should be placed with the body of my husband.

257. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Seen

He will give sufferings to the enemies like the small stone which comes inside the chappal gives suffering. He has strong legs, beautiful stomach, broad chest, beard, cold eyes and cheeks which are up to the ears. He has a bow. He has never gone out of his village . He has o long forest fort. He pointed out the way where the cows of the enemies are going. He thought something in his mind. He changed the bow in his right hand to the left hand. That is all. His enemies are destroyed . Their cows become his property. How many cows ! But even then there is no sound of drawing milk. There is no cherning sound of the curd in his house . Why ? He did not have all the cows for himself. He has given all of them to others.

258. A Song Written BY Ulochchanaar

He drank much giving the big gathering of cows as price for the toddy. He ate tasty flesh. He rubbed his hand with the flesh at one side of the bow and started to seize the enemies' cows. He will bring a lot of cows before others drink one time. So don't touch the toddy pot. Close the toddy pot. He will come with an eager of drinking toddy.

259. A Song Written By Perumpoodhanaar

The cows go with the bull. The bow warriors do not follow them. They are hiding themselves in the bushes expecting those who come to take back them. It is not right for you to go not knowing this. If you wish to take back your cows which jump like the Pulaiththi who is caught by the goddess you don't go now.

260. A Song Written By Vadamodhangkizhaar

The Paanan suffers as the sorrowful vilarippan sounds in his yaazh. His wife comes with untied hair before him. He does not mind these. He worships the forest god and goes thinking whether he will meet the lord. Oh Paanaa ! Listen to me. You can plough the land which was given by him to you or you may decide to die. It is left to your choice. Our lord escaped from the enemies like the moon escaped from the snake. He reached his land and left his life as the snake removes its skin. Here he is standing as a “nadukal” on which his fame is written and which is adorned with the feathers of the peacock.

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