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Purananooru - 261 to 270 (English Translation)

261. A Song Written By Aavoor Moolangkizhaar

Oh what a cruelty it is ! The door which is not closed to those who come for gifts and the front yard where arrack and rice which are rich are now like the boat which is in the river which is without water. Let my eyes which see this scene get tiredness. You gave the mutton which was fried in the ghee so that the eyes of the beggars expand with wonder and happy. But now ? You defeated many enemies who conquered cows. The battle field has the sound of the owl. You have become a “nadukal” so that the scholars put karandhai garlands on it. Your house looks like a lamenting widow.

262. A Song Written By Madhurai Peraalavaayaar

Pour much honey. Kill the goat. Spread the leaves on the small pandhal and spread the river sand under the pandhal. The warriors who come with our leader will be more tired than him. So arrange for a feast so that they eat it with joy.

263. The Name Of The Poet Is Not Seen

Oh Paanaa ! You are coming making sound on the drum. The enemies ran with fear when he fought with them. But he did not run and stood like a dam which prevents the flood. Now he has become a “nadukal”. You worship it and then go.

264. A Song written By Uraiyoor Ilampon Vaanihanaar

They have erected a “nadukal” on which his name was written. They have adorned it with garlands and feathers of peacock. The brave who recovered the cows from the enemies is not alive today. He is dead. He stands as a “nadukal”. Will the crowd of Paanaas come to get gifts from him singing about him?

265. A Song Written By Muhaiyaloor sorukayrnththumbiyaar

You are now a “nadukal” which is adorned with garlands made up of vengai flowers with leaves of the palm by the shepherds. O h lord having fast moving horses ! Your brave history, your rich wealth and your victorious fame also went with you.

266. A Song About Sozhan Uruvappahrer Ilanjchetchenni

Oh king you have a fertile land which is fertility even when the seasonal rain fails and even it is a hot summer. You have a horse army and a big victory. If an illiterate goes and requests to remove his ignorance, the scholars will help him. But I am living a mean life. I am not able to give food for those who come for it. Save me from this mean life.

267. This Song Is Missing.

268. This Song Is Missing.

269. A Song Written By Awvaiyaar

Oh king ! You have worn the punali flower garland on your dark hair. You drink toddy twice. When you are announced to get ready for rescuing the cows, you don't want to drink toddy ,but ask for the sword. Is itthis sword which killed the enemies and made them feast to the eagles ?

270. A Song Written By Kazhaaththalaiyaar

Oh mother of the youths having gray hair ! Oh lady belonging to a great family ! See my sorrow. See the battle field where the warriors were lying dead who come to fight . In this war your son was dead having a wound on his chest. He was a brave man. His efficiency is appriciable.

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